From Waste to Treasure.

When it comes to minimising waste, we are pushing boundaries, both in accordance with aviation requirements and beyond compliance. HAECO Hong Kong helps its customers to handle aircraft waste, but the opportunity to minimize waste to landfill, it is the true vision we share with our customers.

The challenge of identifying recyclers in the market was a significant obstacle to overcome, but with the establishment of the government subsidized WEEE•Park, HAECO Hong Kong spotted an opportunity. In collaboration with the park operator, ALBA Integrated Waste Solutions Hong Kong Limited, we managed to divert inflight entertainment monitors from landfill to repurpose, turning electronic waste from the aircraft into a treasure. This initiative was beyond compliance requirement as the monitors are not a regulated electronic waste. Still, we made it happen, and with the support from our customer, HAECO Hong Kong recycled around 3,000 units of inflight entertainment monitors while also helping the customer to reduce indirect emissions that occur in a its value chain.