Our weightlifting techniques are fit for the Olympics.

After a piloting phase at HAECO Hong Kong, we have now extended to other HAECO group companies the Olympic standard weightlifting techniques. Why? Because the well-being of our employees is of paramount importance, more than anything else. However, we are aware that manual lifting will always marginally occur, both in our operations and in our daily life, despite any tool or aid we might be using. So, we targeted to address how to overcome heavy manual labour, awkward body posture, strenuous and repetitive moments which can all increase the risk of long-term physical damages.

Such a specific topic had to be handled by skilful experts, and certainly not within any regular training; therefore, we appointed a team who could train us using Olympic weightlifting techniques, thus, raising the bar to champion’s level! This qualified team began, at first, to tutor our team with bespoke initiative about the proper way of lifting weights, then designed a tracker to ensure all frontline staff engagement.